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Movement is essential for life. Our body is constantly moving internally, processing, growing, fighting, learning, unlearning, nourishing etc.

Movement is a foundation to health…at the right times.  Basically, your should move often, and rarely do nothing. This keeps blood flowing at a healthier rate, provides mental and physical stimulation, keeps our muscles toned and active and prevents inflammatory stagnation in our tissues.

We should move frequently throughout the day. The exceptions are:

  • For short periods when recovering from an injury (then movement is key)
  • When resting. For short periods during the day
  • When ill
  • When sleeping, but we are rarely still at this time anyway
  • When we are dead. To put it bluntly!

I have a general rule, (exceptions above), that you don’t sit, stand or lay for any longer than 20-30 minutes without changing positions.

This also includes sitting at a desk. Investing in a sit/stand desk can be extremely beneficial and allows you to continue to change positions regularly.  These desks or platforms are only beneficial if they are used appropriately. If you stand all day one day, then sit all day the next, you are defeating the purpose of moving regularly. Also, you still need to take regular breaks from the screen.

So, unless you have an acute injury or illness, then change positions and move frequently throughout your day and this small consistent act will benefit your health immeasurably.

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