Dr Matt Hempsell

Fitness Professional     Nutritionist âœ§Osteopath âœ§ Sports Therapist


I help 30s-60s overcome inflammation, pain, weight concerns & fatigue so they can move, feel, look & live better!


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Dr Matt Hempsell

Fitness Professional âœ§ Nutritionist âœ§Osteopath âœ§ Sports Therapist
I help 30s-60s overcome inflammation, pain, weight concerns & fatigue so they can move, feel, look & live better!








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Foundations that will help you move, feel, look and live better!

The Nutritional Element

The cycle of inflammation and pain in our body drags us down.

Proper food intake is essential in reducing inflammation and additionally, proper timing of food intake is equally important.

Addressing these factors, helps to reduce systemic inflammation, ease body pain, lose body fat and gain more energy.


Mindset & Body Awareness

Mindset is essential to lay a mental foundation to overcome bad habits and establish good habits to move, feel, look and live better for good.

Your body and mind are continually communicating. Being aware of this, physical aspect is essential. This is addressed throughout this program by giving you simple body awareness techniques that re-connect you to your body so you become efficient in detecting restrictions and addressing them.


Movement & Consolidation

Movement is essential for a healthy life.

To overcome existing chronic aggravations or any potential acute aggravations, knowledge is power. Gaining a full understanding of how your body works will become your power.

Then, establishing foundations of mobility and stability in our body will naturally lead us to move, feel, look and live better.

What people are saying about this program!

"Dr Matt's incredible depth of knowledge relating to what he is teaching and his willingness to be so generous with his knowledge and time is commendable."

"Everything presented is informative, relevant & professional"


Ballarat Vic, Aus

"The simplicity and flow of the program has been my favourite thing.

The modules are timed well, directions are explained well and are not complex... and, the results are good."

"The course involved so much more than I expected...in a good way!"


Taree NSW, Aus

"I love that Matt lives the life!

He is on the journey with us throughout, which shows his confidence and commitment to the program"

"There are no negatives to the program. I have learnt so much in all aspects of health and life"


Gold Coast QLD Aus

"Thanks Matt for all the encouragement and great program content. Keep it up, there are so many people that will benefit from what you do"


Manly, Syd, NSW Aus





"Matt is very enthusiastic and I see his vision"


Port Mac NSW, Aus

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So you can move, feel, look & live better!

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